Monday, 13 December 2010


WWF(國際)。氣候項目主任Gordon Shepherd發表的立場說,坎昆有不錯的進展,但政治上還有更多待做。在氣候基金與REDD上希望各國能給更明確的承諾。明年在南非德本的COP17之前,WWF點名希望歐盟、美國、中國與印度要有更明確的減碳作為與承諾。
After two weeks of negotiations, governments made measurable progress in several important areas, but a lot more work and some big political challenges remain.-氣候項目主任Gordon Shepherd
Pew Center(美國)。副主席Elliot Diringer表示,對於能達成基本的共識給予肯定,但期望能有助於在未來落實更強力的行動與協議。裡面有特別點出"透明化"的決策方式。
The Cancún agreement formalizes the fundamental elements of the Copenhagen Accord and starts to implement them. Key among these are a stronger support system for developing countries, including a new climate fund, and a stronger transparency system to better assess whether countries are keeping their promises. Both will build trust and confidence, which will help produce stronger action and agreements in the future.-副主席Elliot Diringer
Sierra Club(美國)。給予肯定。
It was demonstrated in Cancún, that the UNFCCC process is able to reach groundbreaking achievements. Those will be the foundations for next year's summit in South Africa. Long term financing of climate protection and rain forest protection as well as adaptation will be main issues to discuss, along with a legally binding agreement-理事長Klaus Milke
The inclusion of REDD as part of the Cancun deal is a key step toward resolving the issue of climate change.....It has been one of the most promising developments in the negotiations so far, and now this further push by governments makes REDD an integral part of the climate deal. -摘自Stewart Maginnis 環境與發展部主任
FOE International(國際地球之友)。覺得失敗。主要是認為這個協議不能強力要求已開發國家減排,而且在森林議題上的漏洞還沒補好。地球之友肯定氣候基金,但認為此機制還是有些缺失。
Friends of the Earth International warns that this agreement provides a platform for abandoning the Kyoto Protocol, replacing it with a weak pledge and review system as a legacy of the Copenhagen Accord, that would lead to a devastating five degree Celsius warming.
FOE Europe(歐洲地球之友)。同國際地球之友,覺得協議疲弱,也沒有達到真正的氣候公平與正義。




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